The Bridgewater Sports Arena strives to make every party and group event fun and exciting for all attending guests. Our commitment to excellence is found in every returned questionnaire which are handed out at the conclusion of all parties.

See what some of our customers had to say about their experience at BSA:

“Our hostess Amelia was a pleasure to work with – professional, friendly, and efficient…My previous birthday venue double-booked itself and trumped me. I had less than 24 hours to plan something else. BSA came through with flying colors!”

Heather W.

“[Our party] was organized and very little for me to worry about…Alexis was fantastic!”

Amy S.

“Ana was very helpful and attentive. She gave us a stress free party!”

Brenda C.

“I liked Amelia a lot. She was friendly, took good care of everything, paid attention to details…She made the party very enjoyable and easy for parents.”

Ela C.

“Ashlyn was very helpful and attentive. She handled all the details of the party efficiently and in a very courteous manner.”

Donna and Mike M.

“Brittany was great!!! She handled 12 boys and 2 girls (did I mention they were 12 year old boys?). Anyway she was absolutely wonderful – even when one of the boys had to leave a little early, she stopped what she was doing just to get him his game tokens. It meant a lot to him!”

Michelle B.

“Chris was perfect for a big group of boys!”


“Great place – first time – we enjoyed it very much. The kids loved it soooooo much!!!! We will be back for sure!!!”

Paul & Celia S.

“Christina was a delight. My husband and I travel regularly and we found that she handled herself like a hostess of an upscale resort. Her level of maturity and professionalism just made the party a complete success.”

Olivia P.

“I was very pleased and would recommend BSA to others. I would also not hesitate to book another party.”

Michelle C.

“Cristina was very attentive. She constantly checked to make sure our needs were met.”


“We will recommend your facility to all of our family and friends. It beats out the typical party place. Everything is taken care of and makes it great for people today with a very busy lifestyle. We didn’t have to worry about anything beforehand.”

Linda V.

“Dan was great with the kids!”

Kim S.

“Alexis was a delight!! (I think some of the boys has a bit of a crush on her!)


“Kelly is really helpful and awesome!“

Paul S.

“Great party! The boys had a blast. Our hostess (Melanie) was terrific!”

Deanna C.