Middle School League Information:

    Mission Statement:

1)   To develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of their physical and social well being.
2)   To encourage and improve the standard of ice hockey in New Jersey at the middle school level.
3)   To associate and affiliate with other middle schools.
4)   To do any and all acts desirable in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes.

Each team will play 13 league games beginning in October and ending in March.  League games will be played at the Bridgewater Sports Arena.  Each game will consist of a brief warm-up followed by (3) stop-time 15 minute periods.  There will be no overtime periods for regular season games.

Standings and playoffs:
Teams will receive (2) points for a win, (1) point for a tie, and (0) points for a loss which will be used to determine the league standings.  In the event that two teams are tied for position based on points, the tie breakers will be as follows: overall wins, winner of head to head, and lowest goals against.

In the case of a tie score at the end of regulation time, we will play a 5min overtime period of 4-on-4 hockey.  If the game is still tied, we will go to a 3 man shootout and finally to a sudden death shootout.  Please keep in mind that the 3 players used in the shootout can not go in the sudden death shootout until all of the other players have gone.

First and second place teams will receive a team trophy and the first and second place teams’ players will receive individual awards.

For more information about the league or participating teams, please contact the Bridgewater Sports Arena Hockey Department at Hockey@BSAarena.com or at (732) 627-0006 x124.