Youth Hockey Leagues

Spring Hockey

The Squirt Patriot league is back! Every year we run a league for Squirts (birth years 2003-05) and it is always a good level of competition. For some up and coming Mites it is a great adjustment period as they get used to the full ice game but ALL players get to enjoy fun hockey and that extra chance they all need to develop. Whether you come in as a team or as an individual we are happy to help the young players have fun.

3-on-3 Hockey Leagues:

The BSA 3 on 3 youth in house leagues are an unparalleled development tool that allows kids to develop the skills needed to move along the path to becoming a great player, all while having a great time.

BSA has been using its famous “Orange Rink” small area game rink for almost 15 years to train players both young and old. The smaller playing surface (110′ x 65′) requires players to develop quicker starts, tighter turns, increased number of stops, more time on or near the puck and better stamina.

Games are usually very high scoring due to the number of shots taken. Goaltenders build speed, stamina and develop better control of the puck when near them because they to are playing in a tighter area with players trying to score.

The joy of the skaters scoring goals at a higher pace is exciting and fun, and can not be duplicated with younger players on full ice.

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