Bridge Training Program

The Bridge Training Program is designed to teach skating skills and the different facets of figure skating at a fast pace in a fun group training environment. This program is specific for skaters at the Basic 4 level thru the Pre-Juvenile level. If a skater is currently enrolled at Basic 4, we encourage skaters to continue with their Learn to Skate group classes in addition to Bridge. Each week skaters will participate in a 50-minute on-ice circuit staining program along with a 45-minute off-ice training clinic. Skaters will be divided into circuit groups based not only on their test levels but also on the skating skills they are able to perform. Skaters will have the opportunity to move from one group to another throughout the course as they enhance their skills.

Skate rentals are available for use during the bridge program, however we highly recommend that skaters own their own skates. Please stop by our Pro Shop if you need any equipment assistance.