Freestyle Sessions for Figure Skaters

Freestyle sessions are for more advanced skaters who are looking to participate in figure skating as a recreation or competitive sport. Skaters may skate 1-10 hours per week depending on their skill level and dedication to the sport. Most skaters will have private lessons scheduled with an instructor during the freestyle sessions. Freestyle sessions are open to practice Freestyle skills (jumps and spins), Moves in the Field (edge work), Dance and Choreography.

Freestyle Prices

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What is a Freestyle Session?

A Freestyle session is for figure skating only.  These sessions are not recommended for anyone below the Basic 3 Level. Instructors give private lessons during these sessions. The skaters practice skating moves, jumps, and spins.  A CD player is provided so the skaters can practice their programs.  Skaters take turns playing their music and wear a yellow vest while their music is playing and they are practicing their program.  All skaters must yield to the one wearing the yellow vest.  Do not stay stationary in one spot.  Do not hang around the center ice or the jumping corners.  There are high level skaters on freestyle sessions that are moving fast and performing double jumps and complicated footwork.  It is important to look out for all other skaters.